The End…

It isn’t the end really.

Just the ‘finished’ film has been uploaded and burnt.

I have loved doing the editing. It’s been a lot of fun.

Enjoyed the Macroom, and especially dancing to ‘It’s Raining Men’.

So, the finished product!



The Music I used

Mike Viola- Lets Have a Baby

Roger McGuinn- Sugar Baby

Mr and Mrs Smith- Ay O lil Baby

Moral Moles


During this film making process one of the things that arose was the idea of the removal of moles being similar to the removal of cells. The difference seemed to lay in the idea that it is because of the potential.
Moles, whilst still being a cluster of cells in way, only has the potential to be cells, whilst cells in a woman’s body can lead to the potential of a child. I do find it a fascinating debate, a moral issue. I don’t think I can equate getting rid of a mole and having an abortion, but I think the debate is highly important, and something that does need to be discussed. I guess that’s what my film is about. . . I think. . .

They turned camera on me

As I’m waiting for the long dialogue of conversation to be uploaded to Final Cut, it will be interesting to see where the Camera died and what the conversations were before it happened.

Berger (1972) talks of ways of ‘Seeing’, I am thinking that maybe as Abortion is such a subjective thing, this video is more about why I think it needs to be talked about. I have had many people say interesting things on the topic yet they don’t want to be filmed, Somehow I want to represent the people who didn’t want to be filmed. So, whilst Berger’s focus is primarily on the visual image, something that I am definitely struggling with, in actuality, the idea of ‘seeing’ myself scares me. But actually, perhaps that’s really important. Maybe putting myself in the film is necessary. Maybe it’s self centred.

My best friend talked about, how he feels in the UK we should all have one set of view point, and anyone who thinks differently is actually discriminated against. I think there is actually something in this. He genuinely believes equality for everyone, which is a wonderful stance, but yet when it comes to the topic of  Abortion in my eyes this makes the idea of quality confused.

For me personally Abortion is all about the woman. My mum asked if I got pregnant and the father was someone who would never have a chance to have a child, would that make me keep it. I genuinely think that I wouldn’t. Maybe this is selfish, but when it comes to my body, I think I have a right to be selfish.

Throughout this video, I did not want to be in the video, I hate my voice, in my opinion it is too squeaky, and a whole host of other feelings when I hear it.

But, I know it’s late notice, but I maybe now it is about me asking what others think.
It’s starting to get, from asking others opinions I am trying to find my own voice.

Perhaps this voice, is all about my uncertainty of what I actually think. I think the only way we can ever understand our own feelings on anything is by asking others what they think. Whether the topic is love, lust, race, sex, religion, beauty and laughter.
I think this is what my aim was.

Interview Questions


What is your view on Abortion?

Do you think that the father has equal right in the decision when it comes to Abortion?

Would you know the procedure of what to do if either you or someone you knew wanted to go through an Abortion?

Do you know the law Britain has on Abortion?

DO you know that there are two different types of Abortion Available? 

Do you feel that it is a topic that can be easily talked about?

Do you think people who have had an Abortion can talk about it?

Do you feel there is prejudice towards women who have had an Abortion?

Why do you think women might decide to go through an Abortion?

Abortion Laws in Britain

As part of the Anthropology of Law I decided to do my essay on the topic of Law and Abortion in the UK. 

That was until I realised that there are subtle differences from the UK laws, with laws differing from England, Scotland and Wales. 
It is fascinating getting so much indepth information on the Abortion Laws, and the subtle differences that happened from the 1967 Abortion Law to the amendments that happened in the Act 1990. 


Marie Stopes Advert

Is this advert commodifying abortion?

Whilst it does appear like abortion is becoming commodified I personally feel it works very well in exploring another option to having a child if it feels like you or someone else isn’t ready.

I also think it shows a variety of people from young girls to mothers who already have children.

At the time this caused a great deal of controversy.

Emmy the Great- We almost had a baby

The video I think is incredibly silly, I think the song is wonderful.
Fairly apt when it comes to considering the issue of Abortion.

I am sure the days before the woman knows she is pregnant, before she has taken the test or found out for sure, it is all about the possibility of her actually being pregnant. I think this song highlights the worry, as well as the feelings of the relationship which may be attached to the prospect of having a baby. However another undertone of this song I believe is almost about rape, in this way it also brings up my own personal feelings that, I don’t feel that the man can ever really be justified in his right of having a 50% choice, even if the sex was consensual. But this is a topic which largely (in my experience and conversations with both sexes) tends to be that men see it as a 50/50 decision and women less so.

For me music can convey a depth to a situation, through lyrics or the sound of the music. For the past few months, I have been trying to find the songs which either ouvertly or subtly mention the idea of pregnancy or abortion, largely through the lyrics.

I think through the fact that the songs I have found are often a very subtle reference, perhaps up to the interpretation of the listener just confirms my belief that abortion needs to be talked about.

Love, Lust, Loss and a whole host of other things seems to be conveyed in songs, but  not so frequently the decision of Abortion.

I also really like this cover, to me it is almost like telling an alternative story, largely from the perspective of a man.

White Heat

A girl in it called Lily, had an abortion, interesting seeing how in the 70’s it wasn’t legal. Also fascinating how you could only go on the pill if you were married. 

Despite the fact that abortions are now legal in the UK, still taboo right. 
I have also discovered how awkward it is, when ever someone asks what my film is on, and I am like. Abortion.

Queue Awkward silence or, sentences such as oh, that’s interesting. sometimes interjected with one of my friends saying she filmed our friend telling an abortion joke, to which I usually have to say Well it’s a topic which needs to be discussed. Comedy often raises issues which aren’t spoken about.