Marie Stopes Advert

Is this advert commodifying abortion?

Whilst it does appear like abortion is becoming commodified I personally feel it works very well in exploring another option to having a child if it feels like you or someone else isn’t ready.

I also think it shows a variety of people from young girls to mothers who already have children.

At the time this caused a great deal of controversy.


Lake of Fire (2006)

Kiri and I tried to watch this online last night. However we were unable to find one which was not in sync, but from merely flicking through I liked the use of the black and white imagery, and the first image which started with a shot of an advert saying ‘Life’. I found this very apt.

However my immediate complaint simply from looking at the ‘Cast List’ is how can this film be described as a balanced debate when on the credited cast list of 15 people, only 2 were woman. How can this even be balanced when the sex/gender balance can’t even be reached? Firstly when dealing with the topic of Abortion, it is the woman who is carrying the baby. She has to go through the physical pain of abortion of birth. So this is my initial complaint.

However, this looks like a film which will be very beneficial to my own film. Hopefully Kiri will be able to download a synced version.   Youtube: Trailer to the Ring of Fire…

Powerfrased Quote: : A miscarriage is when your body isn’t ready, and an Abortion is when the rest of you isn’t ready.

Abortion Video

This film looks at an American generation when Abortion was illegal. It tells of haunting stories, and how it made many people feel as well as dealing with the legalities of the time. I would have liked my documentary to include someone who had had to make the decision, but instead my film is on the topic of ‘we need to talk about abortion’.

I feel this film is done very well, emotive but gets to all the feelings that people may feel.

One Moment…

I also enjoyed ‘One Moment’. I found the beginning worked especially well as it seemed slow, but used memories/imagery as a way of conveying the old man’s feelings. Whilst it seemed ultimately sad, it also showed a well lived life. The short film also used words, which I felt were particularly effective. What I would like to take from this film is the way things don’t need to be rushed. I also would want to use the incorporation of music.
Although I didn’t like the character, I felt the film managed to convey the shortness of life, which is a valuable message.



The Story of a Plastic Bag

Whilst the clip goes over about 8 minutes over the time, I really liked the stance it took. Such a different angle, I felt it raised the issue of recycling without making it too much into an issue. This is something that I would hope to achieve. It’s beautifully shot but also conveys a less obvious message. The narration also works well.