The Music I used

Mike Viola- Lets Have a Baby

Roger McGuinn- Sugar Baby

Mr and Mrs Smith- Ay O lil Baby


Emmy the Great- We almost had a baby

The video I think is incredibly silly, I think the song is wonderful.
Fairly apt when it comes to considering the issue of Abortion.

I am sure the days before the woman knows she is pregnant, before she has taken the test or found out for sure, it is all about the possibility of her actually being pregnant. I think this song highlights the worry, as well as the feelings of the relationship which may be attached to the prospect of having a baby. However another undertone of this song I believe is almost about rape, in this way it also brings up my own personal feelings that, I don’t feel that the man can ever really be justified in his right of having a 50% choice, even if the sex was consensual. But this is a topic which largely (in my experience and conversations with both sexes) tends to be that men see it as a 50/50 decision and women less so.

For me music can convey a depth to a situation, through lyrics or the sound of the music. For the past few months, I have been trying to find the songs which either ouvertly or subtly mention the idea of pregnancy or abortion, largely through the lyrics.

I think through the fact that the songs I have found are often a very subtle reference, perhaps up to the interpretation of the listener just confirms my belief that abortion needs to be talked about.

Love, Lust, Loss and a whole host of other things seems to be conveyed in songs, but  not so frequently the decision of Abortion.

I also really like this cover, to me it is almost like telling an alternative story, largely from the perspective of a man.